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a few boy group recs

if you like nonsense and booty: vixx

if you like silly boys with no shame: block b

if you like fabulous looking frenemies: exo

if you like harmonies and playful eroticism: btob

if you like soft ghetto aesthetics and screaming: b.a.p

if you like vines of children singing vulgar rap lyrics: bangtan

if you like videos of newborn puppies flopping all over the place: topp dogg

if you like nationalistic diversity and childish chaos: got7

Jinyoung getting destroyed by a professional hockey player

what a cutie (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

jaebam’s selfcam

Yugyeom's laugh

A compilation of Yugyeom’s laughter from real got7 episodes 1-10

[/7] GOT7 dicitionary: #6monthswithGOT7Thank you for existing.

mocking yug’s infamous pose